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The Day I Finally Felt Like an “Author.” RELEASE WEEK: ALLURING SURRENDER: DAY 4.

The Day I Finally “Felt” Like I Was an Author
By: Author Skye Turner

About seventeen months ago, I started on this journey called self-publishing. One day in the summer of 2013, while my husband was offshore and my kids were running around my house like crazy little people, I sat at my laptop and decided to get the ideas that were living in my head… out.

I wrote like a person possessed that day. I think I wrote something like nine thousand words. It was like now that I was finally allowing the voices in my head to talk, they had so much to say.

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Just be YOU

I should be sleeping.

I should be preparing for a party for my 4 year old tomorrow.

I should be watching this weeks Twisted on my Tivo.

I should probably NOT be writing a blog with my level of exhaustion and the glass of wine I’ve had. (But it was Moscato and it was so good.) Continue reading