DOUBLE Cover/Blurb Reveal! The Beauregards and The Dupres Books One AND Two .

This is exciting news!! After my car accident, multiple head and neck surgeries, healing, year long physical therapy, and believing my writing career was gone forever… I’m releasing my first books as myself.

I did release Fate Awakened, Book Two L’Amour Bayou as me writing as Sloane Nicole in the summer.

But these aren’t first books as myself since my life changing accident and hiatus. I’m so proud to show you not just one blurb/cover reveal, but TWO! I’ve worked so hard on these books and in many ways, it feels like I’m releasing my first book all over again!

Both are as me, Skye Turner, and these are my first releases as myself in over two and a half years!

First off… Inn-cidental Encounter, The Beauregards and The Dupres Book One.

Stunning Cover by: Tracie Douglas/Dark Water Covers


Chance Beauregard only wants one thing, to head to the mountains and forget about everything. A true break from real life, in a quaint mountain inn, where no one knows who he is sounds like pure Heaven.

Caty Dupre wants the same thing. Family drama and pressure to settle down have her wanting to run as far away from home as possible.

Two people with two common goals… a break from reality.

A freak snowstorm and the horror of realizing you’re trapped with the one person you never hoped to see again is not on the itinerary.

Life is breaking all of the rules as both Chance and Caty realize escaping their lives has brought on a whole new predicament… fighting against what’s between them.

Available for Pre-Order NOW on select retailers!

Inn-cidental Encounter, The Beauregards and the Dupres Book One is a super steamy winter romance. It will be available in the Snowed Inn: Volume 2 Anthology.

It might be cold outside, but this spicy book will certainly warm you up!


Treat yourself this year with Snowed Inn: Vol 2: A Holiday Anthology.

Jam-packed with over a dozen of your favorite authors including: Amy Stephens Author, Katrina Marie, Tina Gallagher, Tracy Broemmer Author, Marcie Shumway, CL Collier, Amanda Shelley, Victoria Pinder Romance Author, Skye Turner, Samantha Long, A. Gorman, Layla Delan, Sarah Peis, Sage Imogen, and Aubree Valentine – there is a story just waiting to keep you warm while you’re snowed in this winter.

Releasing December 2nd, 2021!

Add To Your TBR

Pre-Order on Nook, Kobo, Google Play or iTunes here!

Amazon: NO PREORDER! Will be available December 2nd.

**It will be released on it’s own with a BONUS chapter once the anthology is done. I will release it with this cover on January 4th, 2022!!

Snow Falling on Cypress, The Beauregards and The Dupres Book Two

Stunning over by: Megan J. Parker/ EmCat Designs


It’s holiday season in Louisiana, and only one tree can fill the center of small-town Cypress for the famous Fête des Joyeaux. 

Maevis Dupre has always had a love/hate relationship with Dempsey Beauregard. Though she can’t deny the attraction she’s always felt, a relationship between the two would be sacrilege. Or pretty close. After all, their families have been rivals for over seventy years… ever since the Beauregard’s tricked the Dupre’s into giving up half of their Leyland Cypress tree farm… 

When Maevis and Dempsey are asked to work together for the benefit of the festival, their tempers, and their attraction, are ignited. 

Can love overcome family rivalry? Or are they more likely to have snow for Christmas in Louisiana than a happy ever after?

**This is an adult romance book and contains adult experiences, explicit language, and graphic sex scenes not suitable for all readers. Intended for those over the age of 18.

**Though this is book two, all books can be standalones though this is a CONTINUING series. Every couple’s story will go on it subsequent books.

RELEASING Monday, December 6th!

*Also, all of my other books are available for purchase through my LinkTree

(Most books also available on many other platforms. A search through the photos on my FACEBOOK will show teasers with links for every book I have.)

I am beyond proud of myself for these two books and I cannot wait to write the last two installments of this series over the next year!

I hope you’re as excited as I am!


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