Fate Awakened Update and A General Conversation

Today was a super productive day!

I wrote over 4000 words, basically a chapter and a half, in Fate Awakened, A L’Amour Bayou Novel.

My fingers seemed to fly. Though, I use a laptop to write even though I own a typewriter just like this!

That used to be pretty standard, even a little on the low word count, for me on an average day. Before my accident and when I was super passionate about writing.

Now, it’s stinking amazing considering I’m typing with a constant migraine and only half use of my left hand. The last two fingers, pinkie and ring, simply don’t work.

Yesterday, I gave myself a tentative deadline to finish writing this book… the end of May. If you knew my writing previously, you know I was popping out novels every 3-4 months and releasing short stories every 3-6 weeks.

That is simply unrealistic now and I will no longer stress and pressure myself about deadlines. I’ve chosen a much more relaxed life that allows me the time to enjoy actual life outside of writing books. I plan to stick to that mantra. But, I’ve once again found my passion and the plan is to write… just slower.

With that being said, I’ll be releasing the cover and blurb/synapsis/book description (whatever you personally call it) and the cover next month.

Now, let’s talk a little about L’Amour Bayou, my fictional setting for the series and the entire series title! L’Amour Bayou is like most bayous in Louisiana, beautiful, seemingly otherworldly, and dangerous. Only, my bayou is also wrapped in magic.

Every sort of mystical creature you can imagine, to me… Exceptionals, reside within my banks. Though… humans, or as I call them, Unexceptionals, also find themselves drawn to the murky waters and stunning beauty of L’Amour Bayou.

The bayou has an allure that no one can deny.

What I imagine L’Amour Bayou looks like!

L’Amour Bayou will be a series of books that focuses on different Exceptionals; however, it’s almost one continuous story. Every character will be in every book and you’ll learn more about the bayou as a whole as we all explore it together.

I cannot wait to share this journey with y’all and I’m so excited I’m once again writing and allowing you to see the worlds I create.

Much love! 💋


One thought on “Fate Awakened Update and A General Conversation

  1. ladyfrog says:

    Dear Ms. Skye, Please check my thingy to see that I am following you as I may have goofed it up like I always do! I have a real letter that I was writing you to send in the snail mail but now that you are back; I will just put it in the recycle bin! I am so hoppy that you are back to your writing. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to send you so inspiration for your love of writing! The Power of Prayer works, just like reading your email! I have been way behind in that because I was 6 months in rehab and the hospital twice! I did not let it get me down, although I could have. Being in Rehab Home is HORRIBLE!!!! We were confined to our rooms because of Covid. To keep my mind from going crazy, I read books, magazines and did Word Searches, but the best thing I did was PRAY!!! I asked God for an intercession so my Favorite Author would come back to the thing she loved to do…Write! You see prayers work. I asked God to send the Holy Spirit to give you the little “nudge” that you needed to write. He did it!!!! I am sooooo HOPPY for you! May God continue to Bless you and your family I know I will probably not be a BETA Reader as I have no experience but I was so proud to apply. Take Care Your Bestest Fan, Darlene

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