Reading James Black and Becoming James Black… As A Reader Instead Of The Author

Well shit…

New covers for James Black and Becoming James Black

Something I’ve never done, since I began my writing career in 2013, is read my own books once they were past the writing, revising, editing stage. Once they published, I’d just move on to the next book I needed to write.

I take extensive notes as I write and create. I’m super detail oriented to the point I’m anal about it. So, for books in a series, I just use my notes for important details. Rereading was never important.

But, I recently decided that I wanted to actually READ the books this crazy brain of mine created.

I started with my very first novel, Alluring Turmoil. And, read the entire Bayou Stix series. To say I was “shook” at remembering how talented I actually am is a bit of an understatement.

“I wrote that! I created that world.” I found myself thinking. It seriously made me proud and ignited the spark that has me writing again now.

I read Unwanted Desire once I finished the Bayou Stix series. And, I seriously LOVE that book.

But then, I read James Black. I’d forgotten just how much of ME and MY actual life were poured into that book. The original covers actually featured my love/hubby/baby daddy on them. Something that caused him quite a bit of teasing/strife in his professional life. (He’d tell me about his co-workers printing tons of copies of the book cover and taping them up everywhere at work. Especially while offshore. But, it was all in good humor and they loved messing with him.)

I remember joking with my friends and readers that I was sleeping with my cover model… which was actually not at all scandalous since he’d long since put a ring on it. But, scandal in the “book world” is rampant. So, why not?!

Original covers for James Black and Becoming James Black

Reading James Black was actually hard for me in a lot of ways since many scenes and situations were actually part of my real life. It brought back old feelings of anger and humiliation, but it also was kind of therapeutic. Reading about stuff you’ve actually been through, even though YOU wrote it, is quite something.

As an author, my job is to entertain my readers. Though, I also strive to involve my readers and have them relate to the words on the pages.

If the words I create can make people feel… that’s amazing. Even if the person doing the feeling is myself while I read about the not so great aspects of my life.

Now… I just finished reading Becoming James Black a bit ago. It took me a good ten minutes to actually wrap my head around the fact that I wrote this book.

I wrote a book that is heavy and talks about the darkness in this world we live in. Darkness and evil which is so very VERY prevalent today.

Becoming James Black was a HARD book to write. I vividly remember having to take breaks and do things to recenter myself and remember that though evil exists in the world, good exists, too.

Becoming James Black is a book that delves into the often broken foster system, the gray between black and white, and child sex trafficking that exists in our world. It exists right under our noses and the reality is that you really have no idea about a person most of the time.

But, the GOOD that is also immersed around so much ugly is something that needs to be brought to light.

I am so proud of myself for taking on these issues. I wrote this book back before it was something people actively talked about… because, it mattered.

It mattered then and it matters now.

Reading my James Black series as a reader, irregardless of the fact that I actually WROTE these books, was a surreal experience.

I think these might be some of the best books I’ve ever written… I’m proud of that.

If you haven’t read the James Black series, and you want to, just click the links below and it’ll take you to the purchase sites!

If you have read the books and you haven’t left a review, I’d really appreciate it if you would! You can click the links below to leave a quick review, too.

James Black

“5 Stars

Bravo Skye!

I have been highly anticipating this book for months. Skye has been killing me with her little social media snippets (you’re a tease woman). I was worried that I had been passed over for my chance to read, but the book gods were smiling upon me and I got my chance. 

Holy Effing Cow! 

I agree that the Bayou Stix Series was amazing, however, I must say that this is definitely my favorite book by this author… so far.

Oddly, I went into this book expecting to really dislike James for some reason; but as I read I just couldn’t. I do believe that man could charm the panties off of a nun and strangely, I really enjoyed the fact that he was my age. **wink, wink**

Avangeline was freaking amazing. Skye definitely appealed to my love of strong, sassy talking, kick a$$ heroines. I definitely saw some of the author herself coming through in this character (this book has many real life aspects from the author’s life. And she’s stated it’s her most personal book). 

I am really loving how my favorite authors are stepping outside of their comfort zones and changing things up a bit in their writing. This book was no exception to that testament and whether you have been a fan of this author or not, I highly recommend that you check this book out. 

I can’t wait to see what’s up next in this series.”

James Black: Book 1 James Black (Standalone)

Get your copy here:


B&N, iBooks, and KOBO

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Becoming James Black

“5 Stars

WOW! That is all…..

Holy cow! I love all of Skye’s books. But she has completely outdone herself on this one. It’s a hard read. By that I mean, I had to step away several times to collect myself.

It’s a story of heartbreaking abuse and abominable treatment of innocent children. It’s also a beautiful story of first love and survival. It’s amazing what love can do. You will definitely remember this book forever.

Sorry, I’m not great at writing reviews but hopefully this will intrigue you to read Becoming James Black

It’s a must read!!”

#RomanticSuspense #DarkSubjectMatter #ReaderDiscretionAdvised #Taboo #TopRated #NotToBeMissed #OneClick #ChildSexTrafficking #BreakingFree #SkyeTurnerBooks

*Disclaimer: Becoming James Black contains delicate and emotional topics that are unsuitable for some readers. Mistreatment of children and child sex trafficking are involved and may be a trigger for certain readers. Discretion is advised. 

Becoming James Black: Book 2 James Black (Standalone)


B&N, iBooks, and KOBO

Now, just for shits and giggles, here are some behind the scenes pictures from the ORIGINAL photo shoot for James Black and Becoming James Black…

It. Was. Freezing! And, I was grabbing his ass. Lol.

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