Hip- Hop- Happenings… What’s Up With Me

Hello beautiful people! Good (what day is it)… Good Tuesday! It’s Tuesday according to my hellions.

Some exciting (well, I think it’s exciting) stuff is happening with me.

First off, I escaped the Louisiana Icepocolypse 2021/Eternal Plandemic last week and my family and I headed down to Orlando for eight days. We had a Disney trip planned and it was absolutely flipping fantastic! High 70’s/ Low 80’s every day and beautiful warm sun… Heaven.

Here we are… living our best life.

Anyways, we did Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom and it was fabulous. We refuse to live in fear. But hey, that’s us.

Star Wars in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is AMAZING!

Now, back to the happenings. If you aren’t following me as Sloane Nicole on Facebook (I freaking despise Facebook), you missed the announcement…

I’m WRITING again! Well, Sloane Nicole, which is my Adult PNR (Paranormal/Fantasy) Romance pen name is writing again!

Another L’Amour Bayou book is coming.

Since my car accident in January of 2019, where I was slammed into at over 50mph while at a complete stop by a distracted driver, resulting in a massive concussion that left me with a continuous, unrelenting migraine every single day and nerve damage causing half of my left hand to be absolutely useless, I’ve thought my career was over.

The one book I was able to get out since that day took me over ten months to complete and it was a much shorter novel for me. It was excruciating to write and I was so depressed from it all… I lost my passion.

To go from writing one full length novel every three to four months, plus numerous short stories, to one short novel in ten months while struggling with a crippling migraine and relearning to type without using two fingers… well, it’s a lot.

As someone who already had mental health issues, anxiety, crippling panic attacks, and depression, being put in this condition by someone’s carelessness devastated me. I guess in some ways it broke me.

So, I exited the “book world.” I still promoted the sixty-five books I’d put out as Skye Turner and Sloane Nicole, but I had zero drive or passion to produce more.

Then came the shit show that was 2020, the Plandemic, and the farce of an election. After seeing the way people I’d once befriended, respected, and supported were acting… it reinforced my decision to leave that world.

After all, I am absolutely nothing like 90% of the authors in the romance genre. I’m a staunch Conservative and not at all ashamed of that fact. I don’t degrade, insult, and attack people who believe differently than I do. And, the ugly is abundant with most authors I once considered peers/friends.

In fact… hell, I’m basically a unicorn.

Back on track… the past few months, I’ve done something I’d never done before. I reread MY BOOKS as a reader. I started with Bayou Stix; and then, it was on to Unwanted Desire. I just finished James Black and I’m now on Becoming James Black. I’ve remembered how GOOD I was and it’s reawakened the creative/author part of myself.

Suddenly, I wanted to write, to create, to explore the ideas in my head again. It felt like a door that had been locked, hidden, and covered with cobwebs and dust was not only unlocked, but flung wide open.

I went straight to my laptop and the words just came. Sure, they come more slowly now because my hands don’t type as fast and my brain needs frequent breaks, but, they’re COMING.

I get frustrated and overwhelmed almost daily because I’m slower than I previously was and often when I want to keep going, my brain screams, “ENOUGH” and I have to stop to give it a break.


I have almost five chapters of the L’Amour Bayou book done. I have an absolutely stunning cover, that is exactly what I wanted, from the brilliant Tracie Douglas of Dark Water Covers.

I cannot wait to share the cover and blurb with y’all! And then, the book!

In fact, I just decided, right this second, to share the title with you. It’s…

Fate Awakened, A L’Amour Bayou Novel by Skye Turner writing as Sloane Nicole. Coming SOON!

Sloane Nicole (me) writes Bewitching Bayou Romance filled with fantasy, magic, and my usual heat.

I absolutely cannot wait to bring you this book, as well as whatever else I decide to work on. Though, Sloane Nicole works appear to be what my brain is pushing right now.

Make certain you’re following both this blog AND Sloane Nicole’s Facebook page to stay up to date with anything and everything.

Skye Turner’s Facebook page is also republished for the time being. Though, I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

As always, thank you for being here, reading my stuff, conversing and interacting with me, and being awesome! I’ve missed y’all! But, for now… I’m BACK! 💋

Skye Turner / Sloane Nicole


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