Answering the question, “What have you been up to?”

Well, as I’m certain y’all saw from my reactivating a certain page and previous blog post… I’m BACK!

I’m so happy to see that I’ve been missed. I sincerely mean that! I’ve missed all of my people, too.

The question of the hour seems to be “What have you been up to?” So, let’s get into that.

I’ve been up to a lot. A whole lot.

First off, I’ve been enjoying (and at the same time, needing a damn break from) my mister and our two homeschooled hellions. We’re together… All. The. Damn. Time. My hubby is a Chemical Engineer and has worked in the oil and gas industry for 25+ years… well, he did. Since it was essentially murdered, he doesn’t anymore. He now works from home. So, we’re constantly together. Blessing and a curse. But, it’s cool.

We cook and clean and work out and all that other jazz.

Because I started taking care of me, I’ve lost over 40lbs and I feel AMAZING! I love my own skin again and it’s fantastic.

Feeling myself lately.

I’ve also been remodeling my house. Just doing anything and everything I’ve wanted to do for the past 8 years. I’m making my dream house MY dream house. It’s a lot of work; but it’s awesome. We’re far from finished though. Still tons to do.

I’ve also gotten back into reading. I used to read a book a day and I’m almost back to that now. Though, I’m super selective with who and what I read. I recently finished The Bridgerton Series, The Fallen Series, The Channie Series, and a bunch of standalones, including some of my own books. Which, I’ve never read once they were actually published. (Several reviews are posted here on stuff I’ve been reading. Just scroll.)

I also have my business Purely Southern Style by Skye. I love creating and designing for my store. And, business has been pretty damn good. If you like hats, tea towels, and stuff like that, check me out.

Like most people, Netflix occupies a shit-ton of my time. I’ve gotten lost in Bridgerton, Fate: The Winx Saga, Cobra Kai, and far too many other things. I swear Netflix should pay me since I watch so much. Does anyone have the hook-up to make that happen?! 😉

I’m also re-editing, reformatting, and expanding some of my books. Since rereading them, I see a lot I want to fix/embellish/reformat in them. All will probably be redone at some point…

My main new thing is… I’m WRITING again. Well, me as Sloane Nicole is writing again. I’m currently writing another L’Amour Bayou novel called Fate Awakened. The blurb and cover will be revealed soon.

I’m absolutely obsessed with the cover. I look at it repeatedly and elation and excitement just fills me. It’s thrilling to have passion again.

I still have covers and ideas for about 100 Skye Turner books. I’m just not certain I’ll get to them. But, nothing is out of the question. I simply don’t know and I’m not stressing about it.

I do what I want when I want… as I always have. I can’t tell you what’s next for me because I won’t know until it happens. I like winging my life. It works for me.

I think that pretty much catches y’all up on what’s been “up” with me.

I’m just living my life, my way, the way I always have, and preparing for whatever comes next.

I’m working on a few more things, but… they’re still a secret. When,and if, they come to fruition, I’ll blab to the world. I’ll scream it loudly.

I’m still the same sassy, snarky, opinionated, Louisiana lady who takes no shit and refuses to compromise myself no matter who likes it… or doesn’t. My wicked sense of humor is still around. And, I still help anyone I can and try my damnest not to judge, though, that is super freaking HARD these days.

I’ve removed people from my life over the past few months and I’m perfectly content with it!

For those who missed me, I’m back! And, for those who like to wag tongues about me, have fun. I don’t plan to deny you the ability to run your mouth!

Much love! Skye Turner/Sloane Nicole 💋


One thought on “Answering the question, “What have you been up to?”

  1. Denise Van Plew says:

    Squee I can hardly wait for another Bayou book having read and reviewed the other. Sometimes we do just need to step back and let God refresh us. Good to have gotten a newsletter I truly delighted in reading. Denise Van Plew

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