Exciting Announcement…

After quite a bit of time… almost two years to be exact, I have an Exciting Announcement!

I’ve decided to re-edit, re-format, and revamp/expand on the Dear Diary Series.

The books received beautiful, colorful new covers about eighteen months ago, thanks to EmCat Designs.

But now, I’ve decided to break my hiatus/retirement caused by my car accident over two years ago and slowly re-edit, expand (yes, I’ll be adding content to the books), and revamp the Dear Diary Erotic Romance Short Story Series!

It’ll probably be slow going with my permanent nerve damage in my left hand which has caused me to relearn to type without utilizing half of the hand (it makes me much slower which is very frustrating since my brain is much faster than my hands can keep up) and I still have constant, unrelenting migraines. But, I’m able to somewhat function by ignoring the pain for short periods of time. That is major progress!

My hope, and plan, is to begin working on them very soon!

Don’t fret if you’ve already purchased the eversions of them for Amazon, iBook, KOBO, or Nook, you’ll just have to update your purchase once the new books are uploaded!

I also hope to do the same with the Gemstone Burlesque Erotic Short Stories Series… and they’ll be getting a new look, too! New covers are planned along with the re-editing, expanding, and revamping.

After a long twenty-five months, it looks like I’m back to writing again… in some capacity.

Seeing how it goes… there’s no telling what will happen with Skye Turner and Sloane Nicole now!

Another quick note: I am no longer on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But, I do have a reader group on GAB. I’m also on MeWe. Mostly Conservative, as am I, platforms.

And, as always, all of my books can be purchased here!



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