We Are Baton Rouge

We Are Baton Rouge

We live here. We work here. We love here. 

This is home. 

We are all connected, even when we are divided. 

Connected by our love for the place we call home. 

We’re cops, businessmen and women, doctors, and lawyers. We’re journalists, bakers, retail workers, and stay at home moms. We are everything in between.

We are everyone and we all matter. 

We are you and you are us. 

We are those who grew up here and will never leave. We are those who are transplants who came and decided to stay. We are those who visited and left, but a piece still remains. We are those who have never been here but who hurt just the same… because we are all people. 

We are connected because we could be you and you could be us. 

We are Baton Rouge. 

We are ALL Baton Rouge. 




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