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James Black RELEASE DAY and Response from readers…

Today is the “Official” Release Day for James Black, my brand new Adult Romance novel. This book also falls into the Romantic Suspense category and reader response has been absolutely amazing.

James Black is a very different book from my previous series, Bayou Stix. It’s darker and covers really complex and uncomfortable topics. It’s not to be mistaken for a dark erotic romance though, because… it is not.

It’s a story of a movie star with secrets who meets a real woman with walls around her heart and the journey they take as we find out if two people from completely different worlds can fall in love and have a future.

I don’t want to get too into the book, but here’s the Blurb.

James Black

James Black, the hottest name in Hollywood. Blockbuster films, tabloid headlines, and broken hearts surround this golden playboy.

Avangeline Price, a strong willed, tough as nails, zero tolerance for games woman who believes love only exists in books and movies.

James is accustomed to women falling at his feet. Avangeline has an intense dislike of celebrities and an even bigger dislike of James Black.

She’s unimpressed. He’s intrigued. Both have preconceived notions.

But… sometimes the unscripted territory is what matters most.

When Hollywood meets Louisiana, can real life rival the movies?
***This book contains explicit sex and graphic language. It is NOT recommended for readers under the age of 18 OR those who do not read this type of book.

It is also important to note that James Black is NOT a twenty-something fresh-faced young man. He’s a grown man in his late 30’s. Does that mean his sex appeal is any less swoonworthy?! According to 99.9% of readers, not at all.

James Black is by far my favorite book I’ve ever written and I’ve loved them all, so that’s saying something. It’s also being hailed as “Skye Turner’s BEST book ever.” and “Probably one of the best books I’ve ever read!”

I will tell you that you will love, laugh, and cry. You will be overcome with emotions that run the gauntlet from hope to despair to rage.

Links are here for those who want to #1-Click. (I do ask that you BUY the book as it is for SALE.)

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Signed Paperbacks

Here are a few teasers for you to “whet your appetite.”

James Black TeasersGirls like herInvitation 2READERS RESPONSE:

“Damn, he’s good looking when he smiles. Nope, not going there. I don’t care how good looking he is. He’s a jerk. Then again…the good looking ones usually are.”

Avangeline “AJ” Price takes her job very seriously. She’s the number one driver for Top Notch Transport. She is always professional and keeps a respectful relationship with her clients. Until she meets the biggest superstar to date.
What do you do when the one thing you never thought would happen becomes the best thing that could ever happen to you?

James Black…let me pause for a crushworthy sigh…*siiiiiggghhhhh*…is the hottest star out there, and when he is asked to do a huge movie deal in Louisiana, he never thought he was about to take on the biggest role of his life.
Who would have thought that the hottest man in Hollywood could be turned down (multiple times) by a fiery, red head…and still fall for her?

“She doesn’t need me, but I need her and I want her to want me. I need her to love me.
She’s my air.”

This story had me from the prologue. I needed to know more about James Black. I had a feeling he had a story to tell, but I had no clue how emotional it was.

I knew I would love AJ as soon as I met her! She was a spitfire, and she took no crap from anyone. My kind of girl;) I like how she wasn’t all starstruck when it came to James. Sure, she knew he was HOT (and I mean HAWT), but she “tried” to keep it professional.

There were so many laugh out loud moments! Skye Turner has a brilliant way of bringing humor into a story. The banter between AJ and James was great!

She also has a way of writing some mighty, steamy scenes. Grab a fan and cold drink…you’re going to need it! I mean, WHOA! Brings new meaning to the phrase “Baby, you can drive my car.” Lawdy mercy!

“Sometimes rules need to be broken though. I want to do it again…”

Could not get enough of this book! I really didn’t want it to end!
James and AJ both have a story to tell. They both have reasons for not getting too close. But fate is funny. Sometimes things just fall into place when you least expect it.

Get ready to laugh, swoon, fan yourself, weep a little, and smile because this book makes it all happen! Great job, Skye!!

“I’m not a man who believes in much, but I do believe in you. I believe in us.”  ~ I’m a Book Shark Blog


“I have been highly anticipating this book for months. Skye has been killing me with her little social media snippets (you’re a tease woman). I was worried that I had been passed over for my chance to read, but the book gods were smiling upon me and I got my chance. Holy Effing Cow! I agree that the Bayou Stix Series was amazing, however I must say that this is definitely my favorite book by this author so far. Oddly, I went into this book expecting to really dislike James for some reason but as I read I just couldn’t. I do believe that man could charm the panties off of a nun and strangely, I really enjoyed the fact that he was my age. **wink, wink** Avangeline was freaking amazing. Skye definitely appealed to my love of strong, sassy talking, kick a$$ heroines. I definitely saw some of the author herself coming through in this character. I am really loving how my favorite authors are stepping outside of their comfort zones and changing things up a bit in their writing. This book was no exception to that testament and whether you have been a fan of this author or not, I highly recommend that you check this book out. I can’t wait to see what’s up next in this series.”  ~ Hooker Heels Book Blog


James Black is such a departure from Skye Turner’s Rockers series – Bayou Stix- but really showcases what an amazing and multifaceted writer Skye is. James Black is an emotional charged book with love and secrets and surprises all around.

James – a famous actor- surprised me at every turn. Just when I thought I had it figured out another layer would be peeled away and center was the best part. 🙂

AJ is such a kickass, sweet, funny girl that you love her from the beginning. I love that Skye poured so much of herself in to this Character and you really can see it. So fun to read all those little details in AJ.

I love when authors do not stick to the same formula book and was thrilled for Skye to show that with James Black. You wont be disappointed with this one!”  ~ Kristin


I was given James Black as an ARC and once I started it I could not stop. First of all let me start be saying I am already a huge fan of Skye Turner’s work. Her writing is amazing. Not only can she make the temperature rise in a room but she can also send you on an emotional roller coaster with each page you turn. James Black is just more proof that Skye has found her calling. This book is amazing. There are so many “personal” touches to this book. You can tell that Skye has poured herself into. Anyone who knows Skye in person will see that right from the start. I can’t wait for the next book in this series and this book is without a doubt 5 stars!

James is an arrogant jerk, well a sexy jerk at first, but hen….BOOM! When you least expect it you just can’t help but love him. The way that he and Avangeline spark every time they are around each other it’s HOT.

I fell in love with Avangeline (AJ) from the start. She shows amazing strength and character. She’s a spitfire, she has lots of sass and style. She doesn’t take crap from anyone. She prides herself on her work and she has a lot of pride in her city & state. She is hard not to love, much like Skye herself.

Both of them have their own secrets and deciding on whether they can trust each other enough to let them in seems to be a challenge but when they do the chemistry between them is undeniable. They are sexy, steamy & super HOT!!! This book will leave you wanting more. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a long hot & steamy emotional night but well worth it in the end.”  ~ Kelly

And then there are the days you get messages like THIS in your Inbox…

“Dear Mrs. Turner,

I am an avid reader and I have followed you since I happened on you when you released your first book. I enjoy your writing and your personality. You are a very refreshing person to see on Facebook. I check your posts daily.

I preordered James Black the day you released the cover. I have to say that I was impressed over the fact that your cover was not like a typical cover in your genre. I am impressed that you have a real man and not a young stud with bulging muscles just slapped on there to catch people’s eye. Then, we find out that the man on the cover is your very own husband. I salute you for that and as a woman who is not in her 20’s or even her 30’s for that matter, I found that so refreshing. I was excited about the book from the description. The teasers you posted just made me anticipate the book more. Then I found myself scared that the book would be like movies you see where all of the excellent parts are in the previews because there’s no real meat to the storyline.

My copy was delivered to my Kindle last night at 11:12pm. I told myself I would start the book and I’d be able to finish it after work today. Only I never put the book down. You grabbed me from the first page and never let me go. I was frantically flipping pages throughout the night. There were times when I actually screamed out loud and more than once, I had to stop reading to wipe the tears away and blow my nose, but I quickly came back. I just had to see where this book was going to take me.

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and I was still 2 chapters from finishing. I called in to work today so I could finish. I have just finished James Black and I had to take a minute to sit there and just absorb all that I’d read. You took me on a ride, Mrs. Turner. When I shut the Kindle, I had to sit in silence for a bit to just soak in the absolute beauty of your words.

I don’t know what I was expecting with James Black, but to say you delivered far more than I imagined possible is a gross understatement. This book just moved me. I felt every single emotion and I loved and hurt along with the characters. It takes a great amount of heart and an even greater amount of talent to write a story so compelling you get lost in it. You have done that with every one of your books, but James Black, I honestly have no words to express how unbelievably brilliant this book is. Well done Mrs. Turner and you have a fan for life.

I read about a book a day and I can honestly say that to me, you are on the same level as the greats of this industry. In my eyes, you are a Nora Roberts or a Danielle Steel. I look forward to many more years of your talent. Thank you for sharing it with the world and God Bless.”

I needed a minute after reading that. I’m not going to lie.

James Black is out and I’m so proud of this book. It’s so personal to me and I’m on pins and needles as I pray that the rest of the world loves it just as much.

Thank you for the support! #1Click James Black today!


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