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RELEASE DAY! Alluring Surrender. Excerpt and Links.

Today is the RELEASE DAY for Alluring Surrender, Book 5 Bayou Stix. This is the last book of the Bayou Stix Series. Bayou Stix is a band and every book is based on a different member of the band. All can be read as standalones, with the exception of the novella (novella is only to be read after reading Alluring Turmoil, Book 1 Bayou Stix and Alluring Surrender, Book 2 Bayou Stix), but it is recommended that you read the series in order as each character is in each book and though each book focuses on a new couple, the previous couples stories are continued as well.

If you have not read any of the Bayou Stix Series… now is a GREAT time to jump on board.


Alluring Surrender
Book 5 Bayou Stix
Copyright ©Skye Turner 2014

I turn to watch Cruz approach. The fact that heads turn as he passes, both male and female, is not lost on me. My stomach does flips. He sees me at the table and stops for a second. My heart drops, but then he smiles at me and the breath whooshes out of my chest. Thank God I’m sitting down because I’d collapse from the power of that smile. Dear God!
Erik arrives at the table at the same time with a tray of coffees. He passes them out and pulls out a chair. Cruz sees my monster-sized coffee and says, “Do we need a coffee intervention here?”
Taking a sip I let out a moan as it hits the back of my tongue. That is seriously like heaven. The coffee with the sweetness of the caramel and apple and then the creamy whipped cream… It should be illegal.
Cruz smirks slightly at my reaction, though his eyes are wide and I see him watch me swallow. I lick my lips and he follows the trail with his eyes. He asks, “I guess that’s good?”
I nod and hold my cup out. “It’s divine. Try it.”
I’m daring him and I’ve forgotten that anyone else is even in the room. He stares at me and I see his light eyes darken as he covers my hand with his and guides the cup to his mouth. He takes a sip in the same spot as I just drank from.
Suddenly butterflies are dancing in my stomach and I feel like I just went over the drop on a rollercoaster. I gasp as I watch him swallow. He has a tiny bit of whipped cream on the side of his mouth and I just want to lick it off. He pops his lips and wipes the side of his mouth before sucking the tiny bit of whipped cream off. Staring into my eyes, he says, “Yes, that is definitely good. Thanks for letting me sample your treat, Tif.”
My mouth hangs open and the only thing that wakes me from my trance is the light coughing behind me. Shaking my head, I turn and see Dade, Melonie, and Erik all staring at us with wonder on their faces. I have no idea who even just coughed.
Mel is looking from me to Cruz in glee and Dade is trying to hide a smirk. He says, “Well, I’ll be damned…”

What readers are saying:

“This book was a different take from the other Bayou Stix books. There was suspense and more angst. I loved it! Watching Tifanie fight for the man she loves, and watching Cruz break free from the prison walls he’d built up around himself was a refreshing divergent. Everyone deserves happiness and love……sometimes it just takes some of us longer to understand that.

I’m going to miss this series, but I am looking forward to seeing what Skye has in store for us in the future. ~ Bets Whitley

“This final book was absolutely fabulous and was the perfect story to end the series. It is my favorite book of the series and Cruz and Tifanie are my favorite Bayou Stix couple. ~ Noelle Riviere

“Skye Turner pulled out all of my emotions in this book. I laughed, cried, got mad, frustrated, cheered, and the extra added suspense thrown in, had me biting my nails. I picked it up and put it down when I finished the last page. I even cried again at the Series epilogue because Skye did an amazing job wrapping it all up! Skye Turner is on my list of favorite authors and honestly 5 stars just aren’t enough to rate this book and series! EPIC READ! ~ Jennifer Pierson

“So sad this series is over, but wow it’s one of my fav series EVER!!! ~ th snyder

“WOW!! talk about going out with a BANG!! Skye Turner did not disappoint in Alluring Surrender – the last installment to her rockin’ hot Bayou Stix series. First I want to say that the whole time i was reading this book was a little bitter sweet..kind of like saying Goodbye to an old sweet friend moving on to bigger and better things. I have LOVED this series since the start and was so ready to delve deeper into the moody but oh so swoon worthy drummer boy, Cruz- what is it about those boys who need to come to terms with that they ARE worth loving! ~ Kristen Blay

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And if you read books, any books, by any author, and you love them… please REVIEW them! Reviews help us so much! Thank you!



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