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The Great Selfie Debate

Selfies… love them or hate them. It looks like they are here to stay.

The Great Selfie Debate

The Great Selfie Debate

From movie stars to musicians to athletes to the cashier at the grocery store, everyone is snapping selfies these days.

People either comment positively or negatively on them and everyone has an Instagram account these days. Link Instagram to Facebook and Twitter and your selfies are in the ginormous world of the internet. I have a public page and since I write books now, I suppose I’m somewhat of a “Public Figure.” I’m also a self-proclaimed “selfie whore.” Most days my “uniform” consists of yoga pants or running shorts and a fitted t-shirt, so when I actually fix my hair and wear make-up, I like to celebrate and document that feat. It’s like my fist pump to the world that yes, I write books, I have 2 kids under 7, and I can work in my pajamas if I want to (and sometimes I do), but I can still “clean up nice.” My hair is usually in some sort of “style” that resembles Albert Einstein on a good day. Which basically means, I don’t brush it and it sticks up everywhere.

Don't you wish your hunny was hot like me?!

Don’t you wish your hunny was hot like me?!

My personal opinion on selfies is this… the world is full of negativity and people bringing each other down on a daily basis just because they can. Society as a whole focuses so much on the “idea of perfection” (which is a joke and doesn’t exist) that real people are usually left to feel inadequate.

Here’s where I think selfies are a GOOD thing. When you post a selfie, you’re basically saying, “Here I am. Look at me.”

People are posting selfies because they feel GOOD about themselves. If you’re having a good hair day, “Here let me take a selfie.” Got a new outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks, “Selfie time!” Just smiling and in a good mood, “Snap that pic.”

Good hair and makeup day.  SNAP

Good hair and makeup day.

The beautiful thing about selfies is that if you snap it and you hate it, you can just delete it and then retake it until you find one you like.

Everyone has a camera. Phones, iPods, tablets, and even reading devices make snapping a pic at the speed of light easy.

I love that people are feeling good enough about themselves that they’re posting selfies. I love that selfies are giving people a way to feel empowered. I love that on most selfies are a slew of compliments. “Your hair looks amazing.”, “Great smile.”, “Amazing eyes!”, “Love that shirt!”, “Pretty.”, “Handsome.”, “Beautiful.”, “Sexy!”

To close out the great selfie debate on my end, I say if you feel good and you look good and you want to post it and share it with the world, BRING IT!

I’d much rather see selfies and people LOVING themselves over people tearing themselves down anyway!

So, snap and post those selfies!

A few more from this “selfie whore.”


I feel pretty!

I feel pretty!

Loving from my Fluff Ball!


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Now excuse me… there is some great natural light coming through my window…

Skye Turner is the bestselling adult romance author of the Bayou Stix Series.


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