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What a difference 8 months makes…

Eight months ago, in the middle of summer, with my kids home and my husband offshore, I got this crazy idea. I decided that I no longer wanted to edit other authors books, but instead I wanted to write a book of my own.

I sat down at the end of my dining room table and I wrote. The first day, I wrote over 9000 words.

I’d had this idea for a book in my head for a very long time and I decided it was time for it to come out.

I worked twenty hour days with taking care of my kids, my house, and writing. I did this for ten day and at the end of it, I had this book.

The first day I decided to write, I sent the first two chapters, unedited, straight out of my head to a few author friends. I didn’t tell them what it was and I didn’t tell them I had written it.

Within twenty minutes, my cell was pinging with messages and a text. They wanted to know what it was and where it came from. I told them I had written it and they all screamed at me to keep going.

I did. Then I searched and searched and found this amazing Cover Designer. I talked to her and she wanted to work on my cover. I also sent out chapters to friends and family. A few book blogs that I’d followed, wanted in on the Beta reading, so, I sent it to them too.

I had ten Beta’s on my first book.

I had a professionally designed cover.

I found an editor to make a “final pass” even though I’d read over my manuscript about 100 times.

I tried to format it myself, but got so overwhelmed and frustrated that I wanted to punch my computer, so I found an amazing formatter.

Throughout all of this, I promoted the hell out of myself. I decided if I was actually going to do this “being an author” thing, I was going to go big or go home.

I contacted authors I’d worked with and met new authors that are now some of my best friends. I contacted EVERY blog I could think of and now I am very close with a lot of them as well.

I spent a LOT of money on putting my first book out, and I fully expected to barely break even. But, I had faith in myself and I wanted it, so, I went for it.

In mid September of 2013, I released my first book. That book is Alluring Turmoil, and by the end of the first weekend… people knew who I was. My book was being read! I suddenly had not just people I knew, but people I didn’t know messaging me about my book.

Do you know how surreal that is?!

Pretty quickly, I was an Amazon Bestselling Author and I still look back on that in shock and go, “What?!”

In January, I released my 2nd book, Alluring Seduction.

And in three weeks, I’m releasing my 3rd, Alluring Ties.

Eight months ago, I was a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an editor, a nurse, a driver, a chef, a blogger, a maid, a baker, and many other things and today, I’m still those things, but I’m also an author.  And that is something that still blows me away every single day.

Thank you to the people who have supported me. Thank you to the people who read and love my books. Thank you to the people who are just discovering me and decide to take a chance on my books. Thank you for all that you do for me. I appreciate it all and I am here to stay. I have big plans and lots more stories to tell, so stick with me and let’s do this together!

Thanks y’all!

Skye Turner


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