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The Flower

The Flower

A short story by Skye Turner

©Skye Turner 2014


Once upon a time there was a new florist. This florist had recently made a small name for herself and had won a few floral competitions. Other people in the business like wholesalers, buyers, and customers were amazed at the talent this young florist possessed and told her on multiple occasions that she was going places.
One day, the young florist was looking for a new flower for a special project. She searched and searched and came across a photograph of a flower that was very pretty and that not many people knew about. She thought to contact the grower.

After contacting the grower, it was agreed upon that this flower would be “the flower” for the florist’s special project. She was not a household name in the floral community yet, but was quickly being recognized with each new creation.

The florist decided to do a nice thing and promote the flower since it was very pretty. Wouldn’t it be a nice thing to share the flower with the world?! Immediately, a floral presenter that the florist had had previous dealings with seized the opportunity to contact the grower. She promised the grower that she could get it on the cover of every magazine around and that florists would fight over it.

            The grower told the floral presenter that the flower was already about to work on a special project with a florist. The floral presenter then took the promotion that the florist had created and seemingly took credit for it, while offering the flower to the masses of other florists. A stir over the flower was created.

            Meanwhile, on the back-end, another florist, who had already made a name for herself contacted the grower wanting to use the flower. She purchased a photograph of the flower and upon being told that she could not use the photograph until the original florist who found and exposed the flower to the public’s special project was out, she began making promises to the grower. “I can take you places she can never take you. I have a broader audience. I would advise you to go with me instead of her,” not realizing that the original florist also became privy to this information.

            The florist was flabbergasted. The only reason anyone knew about the flower was because she promoted it.

            The florist began being threatened, slandered, and bullied by other florists. She lost her passion for flowers.

            When something you love becomes something you hate, do you continue? When the people you work indirectly with, make everything into a competition and try everything they can to undercut one another, is it worth it?

            The florist took some time to decide.           

            After a few days, the florist made a realization. The garden is full to the brim with beautiful flowers and people will always want to see them.

            The florist made her decision, wished the grower well, and went in search of the next beautiful flower because being a florist is her passion.

She’s good at it. She has God-given talent and her creations are already loved by many, but will soon enough be loved by the world. 


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