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It’s Christmas… How about a present? Alluring Seduction, Chapter 1

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

My day was amazing and I am overflowing with goodwill, too much food, and love. 2013 was a pretty amazing year for me. In September, I released Alluring Turmoil, Book 1 Bayou Stix (If you have NOT READ it, Click HERE to buy it on Amazon.) and within a very short time, it was a best seller. I have amazing readers, bloggers, and authors in my life, who have embraced me with open arms and have become friends.

Since it’s Christmas and it’s all about giving, here’s a gift for y’all!

Complete Chapter 1 of Alluring Seduction, Book 2 Bayou Stix


Release date, Friday, January 3, 2014 for e-books (Amazon exclusive) and paperbacks! Signed paperbacks are available for preorder NOW, by clicking HERE.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, Alluring Seduction, Book 2 Bayou Stix is an ADULT Contemporary Rocker Romance and contains explicit language and explosive sex. It is not intended for those readers under the age of 18. It’s also not intended for anyone offended by Alluring Turmoil, Book 1 Bayou Stix. This one is even hotter.

Now, ladies and gentlemen… Jessie Adams and Blue Delaney.

Alluring Seduction

Book 2 Bayou Stix

Chapter One


Another city.  Lake Tahoe this time. Another sold out show. We rocked Harrah’s. Another nameless woman in my bed. This one’s a blonde. Same song, different day, but it’s getting old.

            Two weeks left on this tour and then we’re heading home for some much needed downtime. Living on the road is hard. I’ve always thought this was what I wanted and I still do. I love performing. I love being on stage. I love being famous, but I also want a warm body, the same warm body, and a place with roots to rest my head, every night.

            Damn Jude and Lexi. Now they’re engaged and their happiness has me jealous. Jude’s been engaged for two damn days and his entire world has changed. I want that…

            The woman in my bed stirs and reaches over towards my pillow. “Jessie? Come back to bed.”

            “Nah, I don’t think so, doll. It’s time for you to head on out. This was fun, but I have things to do.” I mutter as I watch her through the window’s reflection.

            She sits up and the sheet falls to her waist. Her overtly large, fake tits are standing at attention. Yeah, natural breasts don’t sit like that.

            “Excuse me? Are you fucking serious? You’re kicking me out?” she screeches with shock.

            “No, I’m not kicking you out. I’m telling you that you got what you wanted and now it’s time to leave. If I was kicking you out, I’d pull you out of bed, and throw you naked into the hallway.” I still refuse to turn around.

Why do these women always do this? They’re groupies. They set out with the sole intention of screwing us and then once they get it, we’re supposed to fall magically in love with them? Seriously? They’re easy, no strings lays. That’s it. They get to say they fucked us and we get to blow our load in a warm, willing body. It’s really that simple.

I watch through the reflection as she grabs the sheet and jumps angrily out of bed trying to wrap it around herself. She scrambles to gather her clothes, muttering angrily the entire time. Once she finds her crotchless panties, yanks them on and pulls her miniscule dress up, she snatches up her shoes and flings the sheet towards me. “You are a piece of shit! The great ‘Jessie Adams’! Ha! I don’t have to take this! No one treats me like this! You’re going to regret this, you fucking loser!”

“Ok, you got what you wanted, Blondie. Now can we skip the dramatics? Get the hell out of my room.” I sigh.

She marches over to the door and rips it open. “Fucking asswipe!” It bounces off the wall and she flips me off before slamming it on her way out.

Well, that was fun. This shit is so not worth it.

Turning away from the lights reflecting through the window, I run my hands through my hair and take in the scene in my suite. The bed is completely destroyed and now the sheet is thrown over the couch. The lamp is turned over, next to a practically empty tequila bottle. My clothes are scattered throughout the room, and wait… is that the blonde’s bra hanging from the light fixture?

I grab the tequila bottle and swallow the last little bit, before stripping the bed down completely, and calling Housekeeping for new sheets.



            I am so ready for this tour to be over. I can’t believe I’ve been tagging along with Bayou Stix for eight weeks now. I’m not a road reporter, dammit. I’ve been in this business for too long and busted my ass too much to get where I am for some selfish prick to mess with it! This is my career!

I love Jude. He’s such a good friend, and the rest of the guys are great. They’ve made the trip bearable, but Jessie… God, he pisses me off! Two weeks and then I can fly back to Los Angeles and veg out in my condo for a few weeks.

I’m walking down the hall to my suite and I see Jessie’s suite door fly open and some disheveled blonde skank stomps out. She’s screaming into the room that he’s a “fucking asswipe” with her shoes in her hand, flipping him the bird with the other hand, and her hair is a mess. Classy.

She marches past me, jostling me with her shoulder, and never even spares me a glance. Stupid bitch. “Excuse you! Watch where you’re going!” Then, shaking my head, I mutter, “Bitch!”

My room is two doors down from his, so I have to walk past it. The door apparently didn’t latch from her “graceful exit” and is still open. My eyes stray to the inside of the room as I reach it. They widen as I take in the mess. Sheets and clothes are everywhere. Things are knocked over and, holy shit… is that a bra hanging from the light?

I can’t help but notice Jessie with his back to the door. He’s on the phone as he strips the bed and throws everything to the floor. He’s wearing nothing but a pair of low riding boxer briefs and I can clearly see his muscled, tattooed back. The colorful artwork on his arms ripples as he removes the sheets. His shoulder length blond hair is messy. Like someone, the skank I’m sure, has been running their hands through it.

I think I gasp. I hate that he gets my blood pumping and not just because he pisses me off! He hears me, and whips his head around. Shit!

His sky blue eyes meet mine and I can see he’s pulling on his lip ring with his teeth. His eyebrow raises and he smirks at my expression. I hurriedly school it as he strolls to the door. He stops right in front of me and leans against the doorjamb. “Really, Blue? Spying on me?” he says with disdain.

My temper ignites and my eyes flash a warning. “As if Jessie. I’m not spying on you. I have to walk past your room to get to my room. And your pissed off playmate just practically mowed me down leaving your room. Really, have some self-respect! Maybe you should stop picking up fake Barbie bitches who fuck everything they can, before you catch something and your dick falls off!”

“You’re such a bitch, Blue. Mind your own damn business! And my dick is none of your business.” He grabs the door with his hands and I can see his knuckles turning white from the pressure he’s exerting. He’s also clenching his teeth.

“No shit! Thank God for that! Like I give a shit who or what you dip your stick into.  ‘Groupie Barbie’ was right! You are an ‘asswipe’!” I’m so pissed, I can’t see straight and the urge to smack him is so strong, I’m mentally restraining myself from stepping up to him and letting him have it.

“Good. At least you know your place!” He steps back and slams the door in my face.

No he did not! What a fucking asshole!

I’m seething as I make my way down to my room. Just as I reach it and go to insert my keycard, the elevator dings, and I see Housekeeping making their way to Jessie’s door with an armful of fresh white sheets.

Unconsciously, I stop to watch as she knocks on his door. He opens it, still shirtless, but he steps out into the hallway and I notice he’s put on some dark grey lounge pants. I see the pretty young woman’s cheeks flush as she takes in his appearance. His chest and torso are also covered with colorful ink until it disappears into the waist of his low hanging pants. He smiles at her and his lip ring sparkles in the light.

They speak softly, so I can’t hear them and then he takes her hand and presses something softly into her palm. She looks down and her face lights up as she smiles. As she turns to head back to the elevator, he catches me watching him and raises his brow at me, before he turns on his heel and the door roughly shuts behind him.

I’m left staring at his closed door in the hallway and thinking about how ready I am to leave this shit behind me! I open my own door with shaking hands and get ready for bed.

Two weeks cannot be over fast enough!

******I hope you are as excited for Book 2 as I am to release it to you. Response thus far has been amazing and I am so proud and excited to have y’all fall in love with Jessie and Blue.

******If you have not read Alluring Turmoil, Book 1 Bayou Stix, you do not HAVE to for you to enjoy Alluring Seduction, Book 2 Bayou Stix. They can both be read as standalone novels, however, it is my recommendation that you read them in order as all characters are in all books and some things are mentioned in Book 2 that do happen in Book 1.


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