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Wishing for a Broadsword…

There are very few things that enrage me and make me want to inflict bodily harm on other people.
However, this morning in my enraged mental state, I could very easily do this. No problem.
Every book is the author’s intellectual property. If it comes out of OUR brains, it is OUR work and as soon as it leaves our brains and hits paper or a computer it’s copyrighted. However, because there are effing thieving, cheating, dishonest people out there who get a thrill out of stealing from authors by pirating our work, there’s another step we can take. We can spend money and file a copyright with the copyright office and when our books are pirated and illegally downloaded, we can then sue the uploader of our copyrighted work, the hosting site, and in some cases the downloader for illegally distributing or obtaining our work.
Because you are STEALING and that is in fact a crime.
Receiving something for free because you are too cheap to pay $2.99 for a book is pathetic.
And your excuse of, “I can’t afford to buy all of the books I want to read. I’m not rich.” is complete bullshit.
Because you know what, I’m not rich either. I write books. I write books that cost $2.99. I make about $2 a book for every book SOLD. And I’m not selling a million books. So take your pathetic excuses for justifying stealing and shove them.
You can’t afford to supply your reading habit?
Get a library card!
As you can clearly see, I am pissed beyond belief.
Pirating books and downloading pirated books is immoral and wrong and pathetic!
You want to read a book, do it the honest way. Because we don’t write for free. We can’t. Producing books costs us money and it’s disgusting that you can buy a $4 coffee and not blink, but you’ll steal a $3 book and undermine the author.
Do you take money out of your grandmother or mother’s purse too?!


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