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Bells and Whistles

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a quirky, speak my mind, no filter kind of woman.

Some people love it, some people hate it, but I am me and I don’t see the point in hiding or changing who you are to make others happy.

Loads of things have been going on with me. I’ll try to jot them all down and also give y’all the dates of some totally awesome stuff, you are not going to want to miss!


First off, I am now “officially” an Amazon Bestselling Author. I have the e-mail to prove it. Lol. Who would have thought? I am seriously in shock and I am so proud of myself for going for it and so grateful to everyone who’s supported me to get me here.

Second, I am the proud owner of my Band Name and it’s custom logo and it’s TRADEMARKED!

Important Dates:

Tonight, Tuesday, Oct, 22, Fabulous Online Party with Q & A’s, giveaways, and other fans… check it out. My fabulous Street Team threw this together for me. I’m so excited. From 7PM-11PM, Central Time. (Click HERE to RSVP and then go back for the party later!) VERY interactive and so much fun!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 23, I will be a Guest Admin on Fictional Boyfriends FB page (Click Here to LIKE) from 11AM-1PM, Central time. There will be fun Q & A sessions, the silliness that is me, giveaways, I am releasing the Blurb for ALLURING SEDUCTION, BOOK 2 BAYOU STIX, and a lot more. You are going to want to check it out!

November 7, I will do  a Guest Blog post on Nerd Girl (Click HERE to LIKE) and I will announce ALLURING SEDUCTION, Book 2 Bayou Stix’s release date.

November 14, I have a Guest Blog set up on 1 Book Lover’s Opinion (Click HERE to LIKE). I will talk about my experience with being an Indie Author.


I’ve also set up a Street Team and I am pleased as punch with this group of gals. They are very friendly, personable, and seem to get the job done. So, look for good things from them.

Officially welcoming: Heather, Karen, Lindsey, Rebecca, Shannon, Denise, Lheanne, Michelle, Amanda, Noelle,Terrie, Khara, Philomena, Sheraka, Pam, Roni, Joely, and Nat to the Street Team!

Street Team Member


There is a FB Group set up now that is dedicated to discussing my books and conversing with other readers of my work. It eliminates the spoilers on the FB page, but allows everyone to talk about the book amongst other readers.

Click HERE to head to that Group.



February 21 & 22, 2014, Charleston, South Carolina  Indie Girl Con (Click HERE for more info)

April 26, 2014, Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Author Event (Click HERE for more info)

September 27, 2014, Orange Beach, Alabama, Down and Dirty Author Bash. (Click HERE for more info)

November 8, 2014, Huntington, West Virginia, Rebels and Readers Author Event (Click HERE for more info)


Stay Tuned for more info on what’s going on with me.



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