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Filing it away.

Alluring Turmoil comes out in 3 days.  I absolutely cannot believe it. I have been a crazy person the past few days and as it gets closer and I scramble to do all of my last minute things and make sure my “i”‘s are dotted and my “t”‘s are crossed, I’m certain it will be worse.

I’ve done 2 interviews and have 3 more lined up this week. I have some large blogs that I’ve been lucky enough to make great friends with posting teasers and lead in’s to the book and the release.

But on the other hand… I’ve met some blogs, authors, and events that really make me want to let my temper fly, but I don’t. My mother raised me better than that.

I’m not going to name anyone by name, because that’s petty and juvenile, but I will say this…

Just because you have a blog, it doesn’t make you better than anyone else. It doesn’t give you the right to treat a person like shit and like you speaking to them is doing them some huge favor. It doesn’t give you the right to tear down a person just because you’re having a bad day.

Just because you are an established author, it doesn’t give you the right to look down upon a new author and treat them with disdain. Because guess what? You were a new author too once.

Just because you are putting together and event for authors, it doesn’t give you the right to dismiss someone inquiring about attending this event because they are new. And telling a person, “I’m sorry, but this event is for established authors. We want people to attend.” is extremely unprofessional and downright rude. (Not to mention puts you on the shit list and says, when you ask me for something, and you will, guess what the answer will be?!?!)

For the most part, everyone has been amazing! I have made some great friends with bloggers, authors, and fans.

Most are willing to help you in any way they can because they want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed.

There are people I talk to every single day now, who are very dear friends to me, that I didn’t know before this process.

But there are also people I really liked and admired, not to mention, spent a lot of money on their books, who I will never spend a penny on again because of their attitudes.

I think the point of this post is that in all things in life, not just writing, be kind to people. You were  once where everyone is in their life, so it’s not ok to look down on people, dismiss people as insignificant, or be cruel.

What if someone had done that to you?!?!



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