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Ugh… bad day turned around?!?!

My day today started off pretty shitty.

I uploaded my book to Createspace last night to get an idea of what it will cost in paperback and it completely messed my formatting up.

Apparently any book over 400 pages has to be formatted completely different for print than for ebooks. Who knew?

Not me for sure!

So… I have spent the past 5 hours working on fixing it. BUT… it’s fixed.

Of course there was some cussing (a LOT of it), some screaming (a good bit of that too), and I might have possibly thrown something across the room (no worries, it wasn’t my laptop).

But, the shit is fixed now and it looks pretty good.

Bad news is that my already swamped, awesome cover designer now had to completely redo my cover… I’m sorry Kari!

Because I had to reduce my font from 14 pt back to 12pt, so my book went from 532 pages down to 460.


Who cares about this? Probably no one, but I needed to vent and it’s my blog so I can do whatever the hell I want. 🙂

I would like to thank my friends Author LL Collins, Author Alina Man, and my awesomesauce Cover Designer Kari for listening to me act like a crazy person. Oh and Gladys from Nerd Girl and Angie from Rose’s Book Snobs (who might also be an author with an awesome new book called The Lost Trucker by Rose Dewallvin).  Yes, these chicks are bad ass and awesome.

My husband also deserves some kudos, because I’m a crazy chick every day, but with the stress, anxiety, and excitement from Alluring Turmoil coming out, I’m been a psycho and he still loves me! So thank you and love you, Baby, to Mr. Turner!

Cover Reveal tomorrow and now I’m off to do what I should have been doing, oh 5.5 hours ago… getting stuff for my book trailer ready.

Alluring Turmoil Guitar

So, have a great day all.

If your day is shitty, smile anyway, your smile just might cheer up someone else. 🙂


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