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ARC’s and a Cover Reveal!

Whew. Yesterday was a crazy day.

Sunday, I received my book back from my editor with final edits, so I spent all of Monday and yesterday morning finishing those up.

There is nothing more exciting than having an editor send you notes and write in the margin of your book that she was so into the story, she was having to read ahead and then backtrack to edit, because she just had to know what happened before she could concentrate on edits. 🙂SCORE!

Yesterday I sent out 22 ARC’s. I’m so nervous.

And I actually hired someone to put together a Cover Reveal, 3 Day Release Bash, and then a 2 week Blog Tour, so more ARC’s should be going out.

I actually “JUST” got my first message back about Alluring Turmoil from a recipient of an ARC.

“Hi 🙂
Finished your book. 🙂 ”

I flipped out. I was like, “And????? You can’t write that and not tell me more. What did you think?”

Soooo, she sent me this.


This book was hot, hot, hot. A mixture of a rock star & a gorgeous girl & you get a very sexy book.
This storyline was fantastic. I didn’t know what was gonna happen next & I certainly couldn’t guess the ending.
definitely a book I’m gonna read again & will be recommending it to my friends:)

Received from author in return for an honest review.”


Also just saw a FEW HUGE blogs have marked it as “currently reading” on Goodreads.

I’m going to need a Xanax. 🙂

Stay tuned 2 days from now… Friday, September 6th… COVER REVEAL. 🙂


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