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I believe…

There are several things that I firmly believe in.

These are the things that shape me and define who I am.

These are the things that make me… me

I believe that it’s not enough to say you’re a parent, you have to BE a parent.

I believe that until you fail and know what it feels like, you can never appreciate success.

I believe that there is one person that is meant for another, and that sometimes the person you think is your “soul mate” may just be a stepping stone, because you’ll know for certain when your soul is complete.

I believe that sometimes you have to experience pain to understand joy.

I believe that the glass is half full.

I believe that we all have a PATH and though sometimes the road winds and curves, at the end we’re where we’re supposed to be.

I believe that what you “think” you want is rarely what you need.

I believe that sometimes it’s ok to drink the entire bottle of wine.

I believe that a man or woman who’s nurturing to an animal will be an amazing parent.

I believe that it’s never too early or late to have some chocolate.

I believe that it’s ok to watch Christmas movies year round.

I believe that sometimes staying in your jammies all day and watching cartoons with your kids takes precedence over cleaning the house.

I believe that chocolate chip cookies and kisses from Mommy make everything better.

I believe that it’s ok to be in your 30’s and still be a “Daddy’s Girl.”

I believe that it’s ok for men to cry.

I believe that love is love and if you’re lucky enough to find someone you love who loves you back that no one has the right to tell you it’s not ok because of sex, race, or religion.

I believe there is no such thing as an honest politician.

I believe that everyone should have attending an LSU game in Death Valley, Mardi Gras, and taking a carriage ride through the French Quarter on their “Bucket List.”

I believe that we lash out at those we love when we hurt, because we know they love us and will forgive us.

I believe that life is too short to hold resentment against people.

I believe that you can forgive, but never forget.

I believe that taking the high road is the wisest choice, though sometimes not the choice we make.

I believe that children care more about the time you spend WITH them, than the money you spend ON them.

I believe every man and every woman is fabulous at one thing!

I believe that you shouldn’t judge what you don’t know.

I believe that people being different is a beautiful thing, because how freaking boring would life be if we were all the same!?!?

I believe that one person CAN change the world.

I believe that reality tv is awful and needs to go the hell away.

I believe that turning up the music and dancing like a fool is the best medicine for stress.

I believe that smart is oh so sexy.

I believe that reading is exercise for your brain.

I believe that you can be an awesome Mom and Wife (Father and Husband) and still be cool as hell.

I believe that tattoos, piercings, and self expression should be embraced and not judged.

I believe that Fall is the best season.

I believe you should always kiss your spouse/significant other goodnight.

I believe you should read to your children.

I believe everyone should take risks and put themselves out there. Life is too short to be timid.

I believe that those who have love are richer than those who have money.

I believe that I’m done with this post. 🙂


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