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I see the light!

Today is ‘Terrific Tuesday’ and I’m getting so excited!

I have but a few chapters left to “Final Edit” on Alluring Turmoil, before I send it off to my Editor tomorrow. I’m jamming to some Back in Blue by Imagination Movers (Don’t judge me. My 4-year-old is obsessed with them and I think they’re pretty awesome too.) And my baby boy starts school tomorrow! 2 kids in school and me with quiet time… I won’t know what to do with myself! I still cannot fathom that I am an editor, yet I’m paying someone else to do my “Final Edits” on my book. It’s mind-blowing. But I need those fresh eyes. I am a total perfectionist! And I always say, “If I’m going to do something, do it big!”

I’ve written my Dedication and my Acknowledgements and those are not easy! But I am excited for people to see what I’ve written about them. And I think a few people will be surprised. 🙂

Yesterday, I went to Orientation for my baby’s Pre-K class and I was stopped by TWO people while there who asked me about the book and told me how excited they were for the release and told me the date! One I knew, one I did not! It was kind of awesome!

I’m also so excited to see my cover! My cover artist is awesome and we’ve been messaging back and forth a bit. It should be ready very soon. (See Kari at Cover to Cover Designs‘ work HERE)

In fact, she’s so awesome, that 2 friends of mine, fellow authors, who’s covers she’s done, are up for Best Covers of 2013 on Goodreads, AND… they’re winning.

I’ve also applied to 3 conventions for next year and I’ve made good friends with several other Indie’s. It’s quite fabulous really the way some people are willing to help you out and offer you encouragement and support when they are trying to do the same thing you are… make it in a tough business.

On the flip side, there are those that want so badly to make it, that they tear down other authors… often by name. It’s ridiculous and uncalled for and it makes them look like complete asses. It’s happened quite a bit this past week and I can tell you that I personally will never buy anything from these “authors”. I won’t even download it if it’s free, because jealousy is an ugly emotion and negativity doesn’t get you anywhere! Perhaps instead of tearing into someone who is successful because you want what they have, you should approach them, and ask what they do that you can maybe try to emmulate to gather a similar response.

And…. some Lagniappe.
I’m in a LOT of Rafflecopter Giveaways with some terrific other prizes that are currently displayed on my Facebook Page, found HERE.
I also have several more lined up over the next few weeks!
These are FREE books, FREE covers, FREE money to spend on books, FREE Author and Blog Swag, etc. Takes seconds to enter and your chance of winning is really high! I’ve won several things already on Rafflecopters I’ve personally entered.

One more thing before I get on with my day… Alluring Turmoil, Book One of Bayou Stix comes out on Amazon,, Smashwords, Kobo, and iTunes FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH.

Please add it to your To Be Read List on Goodreads and be sure to read my TEN reviews! 8- 5 STAR and 2- 4 STAR! (For a direct link, click HERE!)


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