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Completely Random

It’s raining, my kids are napping, and my brain is completely fried from writing a chapter and a half of Bayou Stix Book Two, formatting Alluring Turmoil, and editing a couple of chapters  for a client.

My brain is on overload!

I want to read, but I know as soon as I sit down with my Kindle, one of my kids will pop up and my respite will be over.

So what to do? What to do?

How about some random facts about me?


Yes. Ok then, here goes.

1. I am absolutely, positively, irrationally terrified of sharks. (Yes I do realize that I live nowhere near them.)

2. I hate tomatoes. As in detest them. Except grape tomatoes. I love them. They don’t taste like tomatoes. But I will eat “cooked” tomatoes.

3. My Mom got my name from a book she read when she was younger, but I love my name. (Good job Mom)

4. I’m a cat person. Though I love all animals.

5. I have mad baking skills. (No for real. Like I can bake like nobody’s business).

6. I’m addicted to coffee and can mimic any coffee drink from any place after drinking it one time. (It’s a gift. My husband loves Fall and Winter in my house because I am always whipping up java creations!)

7. Vampires and Werewolves are my weakness. In books, tv, movies, whatever.

8. I love X-Men and I collect busts of the characters. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.)

9. I have every book Nora Roberts has ever written on built in’s in my living room. Many are signed.

10. I love decorating for holidays. For Christmas, my house looks like the North Pole threw up.

11. I hate feet. They gross me out and if someone touches my feet, I lose my mind.

12. I cannot stop reading “mid-chapter” in a book. It’s a compulsion. I literally cannot do it. I have to finish the chapter.

13. I am seriously “electronically challenged”. (I’m pretty much an idiot.)

14. I’ve met an insane amount of “celebrities”, but very few affect me. I’m comfortable in pretty much any situation and around almost anyone.

15. I don’t drink soda. At all. Ever.

******      ******     ******     ******

And just because I am still being random… here’s what I’m reading right now.

Finding my way home

Finding My Way Home by Alina Man (with a fabulous new cover)


Dark Bayou

Dark Bayou by Nancy Duplechain


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