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Having a mini freak out… in a good way!

Two blogs in one day, but OMG!

I’m having a freak out! Yes, yes I am! But not an Oh My God the world is ending freak out, more like an Oh My God People Like My Book freak out.

In fact, it’s more like an “OMG, people are LOVING my F*ing book” kind of freak out!

I have ten people reading my book right now. Two of them are almost done. In fact, one of them will probably be done in about an hour!

And while a few moments of hilarity at my mistakes have come up, for the most part, I’ve been getting “kudos on a job well done.” as feedback.

I’ve thrown ideas around in my head forever. I have a very vivid imagination. This is why I love books so much. I love when I can get so into a book it feels as if I’m a part of it.

But I never imagined I’d take MY ideas and jot them down, much less have people read them, and I never imagined myself having people read and actually “like” the things that are in my head.

LOL, to be honest, my brain kind of scares me!

I’ve written poetry since I was in middle school, but it was just for me. I think maybe one person other than myself has ever read any of it.

The scariest thing you can ever do is give something you’ve written to a stranger. They don’t know you. They have no reason to make you feel good. They can shred you and make you feel about 10 inches tall.Or they can love it and validate you. Not that friends and family don’t make you feel validated, but they are people who love you, so of course they would say good things so as not to hurt your feelings.

Below are some messages I’ve received from bloggers I don’t KNOW, so they have no reason to lie to me.

You know I love Jude…he has the heart and soul like Kellan Kyle from the Thoughtless series…so passionate…” ~ Book Fanatic -Roni

“Thanks for such a great book. I really mean it. It takes a lot for me to get so captured in the beginning, but you managed to do that.”-Book Fanatic-Roni

“You’re killing me Skye! This is really good. Your writing is solid!”- Sweets by Steph

So, for me to write this book, and share it, and have people tell me how much they enjoy it… it’s mind-boggling.

Like I’m tripping and I’ve never taken drugs.

I think I need some wine.

In fact, I think that once my children are in bed I’ll have me a glass. Or two.


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