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Just be YOU

I should be sleeping.

I should be preparing for a party for my 4 year old tomorrow.

I should be watching this weeks Twisted on my Tivo.

I should probably NOT be writing a blog with my level of exhaustion and the glass of wine I’ve had. (But it was Moscato and it was so good.)

I could be reading…

But no, I’m sitting here reflecting at my laptop.

I’ve read a few blog posts this week from authors and other “people in the public eye”, who have just been beat down lately.

It saddens me.

It upsets me because people are different, and that’s ok.

How BORING would the world be if we were all the same?!?!

It’s ok not to like something someone writes, or does, or the way they live their life. But what’s NOT ok is to personally attack someone because they are different from you. In fact, it’s flipping ridiculous to be an ass because you take personal offense at something someone writes, says, or does, that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you.

Mind your own damn business.

People should never feel afraid to be themselves… no matter what.

So what if I write about sex or I have 7 tattoos and I want about 7 more (that I know of.) So what if I choose to have crazy “rock star” hair and piercings on my body, other than in my ears.

Why is it your business if I have gothic red, or purple, or blonde streaks in my hair?

Who said that because I have tattoos, I must be an irresponsible hooligan?

This is not about me. (Well that crap was because I DO write about sex, and have tattoos, and have “crazy” hair according to some people.)

But my point is…  just be YOU.

Write about what you want. Sing what you want. Date who you want. Get as many tattoos, piercings, whatever… as you want!


And don’t just BE you… EMBRACE you!

You cannot please everyone and in the grand scheme of things, people who have issues with you are the ones with problems.

It’s not you, it’s THEM.

So tell them to loosen up or to back off. Tell them to mind their own business, but just Do You!

If you like you, and the people you care about who care about you respect you and accept you… seriously… who gives a rat’s ass about anyone else.

Not me.

I’m just me. All the time.

I’m the 33 year old Super Mommy with tattoos and piercings, who always does things with her kids schools, or bakes things, or takes them to the park, or is there for whoever needs me to be, and who also writes “sex books.”

Yup that’s ME!

***Oh, and I don’t “actually” write “sex books.” I write romance books with sex IN them. 😉

Just Do You!


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