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Pinching Myself to Make Sure I’m Awake

Exciting things are happening.

Crazy, pinch yourself, because this can’t really be happening things!

My debut book cover is being designed.

I hit over 200 “Likes” on Facebook today. (Though FB blocked me for a short time because someone reported me for pornography. Um say what? Where? But it’s been taken care of. People are ridiculous.)

I had 3 more authors that I am fans of, contact me with support and well wishes.

I’ve made some new author friends and I am so excited to read their work.

A couple of personal friends of mine, who are also authors, are gaining popularity because Social Media Networking is pretty awesome.

A couple of other Indie Authors I’ve edited for have been offered Publishing Contracts.  (See, it happens!)

And well I’m alive and my kids and husband are healthy too. (I had to throw that one in there!)

If I wasn’t short for time and on the way out the door, I’d write some profound and awesome blog, but for now this will do.

Good things. Good things all around me.

And I’m absorbing it all, because sooner or later someone will tell me that my writing sucks and I should never write again.

It will happen, but I’m going to let it roll off my back, because any feedback is good feedback, right?!?!





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