Expectations and Assumptions

Since I’ve let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, that I’m writing an adult novel, the sheer amount of support and well wishes from family, friends, and even strangers has been amazing.

But along with the support and well-meaning, supportive e-mails, texts, Facebook messages,  and Facebook Wall posts, have come some pretty funny messages as well.

I’d have to say the funniest message was from a friend of the family. She sent a message to me, letting me know how proud of me she was, singing my praises about how she just knew the book would be great because I’m so smart, and funny, and I give everything I do my all.

But then she let me know that in no uncertain terms could she read it because it was an adult novel and that meant there would be SEX in it and she just knew she could not read that.

She asked me if I would consider writing a “clean” version of the book so that she could enjoy it as well.

In fact, with her permission, here’s the message:
“Hey girl. I am so excited for you.
You’ve always jumped into everything you do headfirst and rarely have I seen you not own anything you ever try. You really are like Superwoman. Lol.
I would imagine this would be no different for you.
But I do have a question.
Will you write a “clean” version of the book for those of us who get squeamish with the things in an “adult” book?
The story sounds like something I would love to read, but I know I can’t make it through a sex scene.
Love and hugs for you and may you have infinite success.”

Well my answer went like this, “Thank you so much girl. The positive response has been amazing and I’m overwhelmed with all of the support to be honest.
As far as a clean version, well I’m not certain I can do that. LOL.
I don’t have a “clean” kind of mind. <blushing>
Here’s how it would probably go.
Alluring Turmoil
Once upon a time, there were 2 people. Jude and Lexi. They fell in love. Stuff happened. Many years later, they are brought back together and stuff happens again. More things happen that shake everything up. The question is love really all powerful is answered in the best way it can be with Lexi and Jude. The End.”

I don’t think that has the same bite though, does it?

The simple fact is I don’t think I have it in me to be a PG kind of writer.

Another message that made me giggle was from a family member.

I’ll paraphrase, but basically it followed these lines.

She’s so happy for me. She’s proud of me. She knows I’ll knock it out of the park, but at the same time, do I really want to put my actual name on a sex book? Won’t people look at me differently and she doesn’t want me to be judged by my writing.

My reply to her and to anyone else is this.

It’s called Adult Romance/Erotic Romance for a reason. There are adult/erotic situations, aka SEX and some pretty foul language in the book.

The intended audience for my books are ADULTS. That means 18 and older in most cases.

My inner slut and potty mouth are out and about on full display. I won’t lie.

There is A LOT of sex in the book. It’s graphic. It’s like literal porn in some places, but it also has a story, a plot. It’s not like late night Skinemax.

I hope people read the book and enjoy it. I want people to enjoy the story and maybe fan themselves a little from the sex, but more than the sex, the writing and the story are what makes it literature.

I hope my characters strike a chord with readers and they want more.

However, I know that this style of writing is not for everyone, so I am very honest about what you’ll get if you read the book.

If sex makes you feel dirty, well don’t read my books.

If you can’t handle certain names for body parts, well don’t read my books.

If you are going to judge me, the author, on what my characters do in my books, well then don’t read my books.

But if you like entertaining reads, with an actual plot, some turmoil, some romance, and some flat-out sex, you SHOULD read my books, because you will get all of that.

Bottom line is this, I decided to write to get my stories out of my head. I choose to share them with other people. Some will love it, some will hate it, but one thing no one can say is that I lie about what I write.

The best I can hope for is that women find a new “Book Boyfriend” with my stories.

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I’m not going to force anyone or beg anyone to read my book, but if you do happen to… let me know what you think of it!

Alluring Turmoil is Book One of the Bayou Stix Series!

It’s Rock Stars, Sex, and Romance…  with a Louisiana twist. If you like that sort of thing, I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

I am about 3 chapters from completion and then it’s onto editing.

I shall keep everyone posted though I’m hoping for an Early Fall release!


One thought on “Expectations and Assumptions

  1. Reblogged this on theperfectkindofchaos and commented:
    I have bridged out and have taken the jump from Book Editor to Book Author!
    This is my brand new Author page and what I have been so busy working on the past little while.
    My debut Adult Romance/Erotic Romance Novel should be released sometime in Early Fall 2013!

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